Derek Simmons' 3A Playoff Prediction, Wk 9

REVISED: Following release of rankings on Tuesday, I was shocked to see Valley Christian had taken down No. 1 Odyssey Institute and only moved from six to five. I don't see the justice in that for Valley but now seems to be more clear how the bracket will turn out, especially in the top three. Page won't lose again and already has beaten Valley so they "should" remain at No. 4. Seeing movement over the weekend should mean Sabino moves ahead  of Wickenburg of Odyssey before playoffs begin. Benjamin Franklin strength of schedule will catch up to them in a good way and they should win the remaining two games to end 6-4. Blue Ridge is hot and primed to win out. No. 16 is almost surely going to come from the East but will it be Show Low who must beat Payson this Friday and still has Snowflake on the schedule? Will it be determined by the winner of the Winslow/Payson game next week? Show Low  will benefit from a Blue Ridge win over Payson as well as a Snowflake win over Winslow in wk 11. It is impossible to tell with the inaccuracy of this forumla used but here is my best attempt at the prediction for the bracket which will be released in less than three weeks.


1. Northwest Christian vs. 16. Show Low

8. Benjamin Franklin vs. 9. Pusch Ridge

5. Valley Christian vs. 12 Coolidge

4. Page vs. 13. Fountain Hills


3. Yuma Catholic vs. 14. Safford

6. Sabino vs. 11. Blue Ridge

7. Odyssey Institute vs. 10. Wickenburg

2. Snowflake vs. 15. Sahuarita